*Account policy

  • What kind of email addresses will be deleted?

    All email addresses with generic domain like gmail, yahoo, outlook, hotmail, icloud, ... are subject to deletion.

    If you are not a customer, partner or company making a trial, please identify yourself by entering,
    - your professional email address
    - your first name and last name
    - your Company Name
    - and state your intentions in the 'Your relation with CERM' area.
    Our sales team will get in contact with you.
    More information in the Terms of use.

  • What if I cannot use my professional email address right now?

    Make the account when you have access to your professional email account.
    If this is not possible, contact your CERM consultant to ask the eLearning team to manually create an account for you.
    Important: you will be charged on the next invoice of CERM for this action.
    More information in the Terms of use section 2.2.

  • Can I get access from mainland China?

    Yes! We do not restrict users in China.
    Note, the most common issue reported with access in China has been with company-specific firewalls.