Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How do I use the Cerm Academy?

    Watch the 'Instructional movie'

  • 2. Are all Cerm Academy courses free?

    Through the Cerm Academy, our E-Learning platform, we offer more and more online training sessions to our customers, partners and prospects.

    At the moment, 52 E-Learning courses are available, two of which are available after payment: Document Layouts and Multi-table layouts. These are marked with a 'premium' crown.

  • 3. I am redirected to a video from the Online Help, but I end up on the landing page of a course?

    For a certain topic in the Online Help, you may be referred to the Cerm Academy.

    Girl in a jacket

    If you are already enrolled for this E-Learning course, you will be immediately referred to the relevant video.

    If you are not yet enrolled for this E-Learning course, you will be redirected to the landing page so that you can enroll first. If you then press the widget again, you will arrive at the video in question.

    Unfortunately we cannot change this. The platform we use is intended to make any training available after the user has paid. We make this information available to our customers, partners and prospects free of charge.

  • 4. The video does not start. What do I have to do?

    Are you sure you are enrolled for the E-Learning course? You can do this by pressing the green button 'Enroll for free' in the banner, in case of a free course.

  • 5. I forgot my password. What now?

    Go to the 'Sign in' section and choose the option 'Forgot password'. Follow the instructions on the email you will receive. If you have not received an email, please check your spam folder.

  • 6. Where do I report a problem/suggestion?

    At the end of each E-Learning course there's a feedback form. If you have any comments or suggestions for improvement or completeness, please state them there.

    Remember, you can always send an e-mail to

  • 7. How do I look up a video through the whole collection?

    In the section All courses there's a search bar. If you type in a keyword of what you are looking for, you might find the related video.

    The search function will check whether this keyword is used in the title of a video, in the title of the e-learning course or if it is used as a tag with the video.

    If you didn't find the video initially, let us know and we can add a tag so that your fellow student will find the video faster.

  • 8. Is this E-Learning platform complete?

    Twice a year a new version of the CERM software is released and therefore, twice a year, the new functionalities per version are presented at the Cerm Academy. You can watch them in the section What's New?

    In addition, our documentation team is working on a good range of training courses. On the one hand we have courses for beginners and on the other hand for more advanced users. This is an ever growing project.

  • 9. (FR) Est-ce qu'on peut utiliser notre compte CPF pour suivre une formation?

    En France chaque salarié a un Compte Personnel de Formation que l'employeur rémunère avec les charges de l'entreprise. Ce compte ne peut pas être utiliser pour suivre des formations payants sur le CERM Academy.