Instructor Liesbet

"This course familiarizes shop floor employees with Shopfloor Data Collection (SFDC ) in CERM. It provides all the necessary information for the operator to produce as efficient as possible and includes procedures to register materials such as rolls, laminates, inks, die cuts and so on. But as well registering the time needed to perform the job."
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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

  • 2

    A typical working day

    • Log in and start a production job

    • Change activity: Make ready and Select the print form

    • Mount a roll

    • Mount multiple rolls

    • Overview of the screen

    • Consult documents

    • Change activity: Printing

    • Print SKU labels per print form

    • Change activity: Wash-up and Checklist

    • Starting the next print form

    • Consume materials: fully consumed

    • Consume materials: return to stock

    • Send a message manually

    • Mandatory message when something unexpected happens

    • Consult your work scheme

    • Register end of job

    • Register pause or break

    • Register maintenance (no active job)

    • Register non-job related work

    • End of day

  • 3

    Registering Semi-Finished Goods

    • Introduction

  • 4

    Register material consumption manually

    • Introduction

  • 5


    • Feedback form Printing press operator