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5 star rating

Your training was very clear

Neacsu Grita

Tom manages to explain seemingly complicated things and knowledge in a very simple and clear manner.

Tom manages to explain seemingly complicated things and knowledge in a very simple and clear manner.

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5 star rating

A great training course

Pip Horsman

A great training course, even for beginners with no SQL knowledge

A great training course, even for beginners with no SQL knowledge

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Watch Intro Video

Introduction to the List & Label courses

See what we have in store for you!

Have you ever wondered what your documents should look like?

Take matters into your own hands and become the layout expert!

Cerm delivers a wide range of standard layouts, created in List & Label. But in order to adapt and convert them into the corporate identity of your company, you need both Cerm's and List & Label's knowledge.

  • Course

    Follow the online courses and receive an exclusive manual on Cerm List & Label

  • Get practical

    Get access to a fully functional Cerm environment to apply the learned skills on practical cases

  • Support

    Our layout expert is available to give you personal support and feedback as you go

  • Certificate

    When you complete all courses, cases and the tests, you receive a certificate of completion to prove your accomplishments!

  • Bonus

    Follow this course and also receive 2 hours free helpdesk about layouts.

  • You

    You don't need to contact the Cerm helpdesk to modify your layouts. You are now the layout expert in your company!

Still not convinced?

Reflect on all the times you or your co-workers needed help to make adjustments to your document layouts.
You had to schedule an appointment with your consultant or file a ticket at the Cerm Helpdesk and wait for a response.
By resolving these layout issues yourself, you will not only gain time, but this will save you valuable consultancy hours!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Course 1

    • Getting started

    • Create a new layout from scratch

    • Copy of an existing layout

    • Import a layout from the Cerm database

    • Delete a layout

    • Replacing layouts

    • Properties of a layout

    • Defining the printer choice per layout/user

    • Translations in layouts

    • Object list

    • Layers

    • Include logo layout

    • Variables

    • User variables

    • Preview

    • Insert text/line/rectangle/picture

    • Insert barcode

    • Insert PDF

    • How to test

    • L&L cases Part I

  • 3

    Course 2

    • String functions

    • Numerical/Mathematical functions

    • Date functions

    • Concatenate

    • Appearance condition in a formula

    • Replacing a hardcoded text

    • Table contents

    • Line properties

    • Column properties

    • Group lines

    • Page number

    • Comment in a formula

    • Pre-printed stationary

    • Printing an additional packing label

    • Adding sales conditions

    • Case together - Logo of reseller

    • L&L cases Part II

    • Completion cases

  • 4

    Course 3

    • Database explorer

    • SQL statements

    • Adding a new query

    • Adding variable to an existing query

    • Troubleshooting tips

    • Case together - Representative keyword on invoice

    • L&L cases Part III

    • Completion cases

  • 5


    • Feedback

Training environment

During the course you get to see all training videos. You get the full documentation on Cerm List & Label. Our layout expert is available to assist you. And you also get access to the fully functional Cerm training environment. There you can solve the practical cases on the prepared layouts!

Access to this training environment is possible during one of the following weeks:
  • Week 39: 21/09/2020 - 27/09/2020
  • Week 42: 12/10/2020 - 16/10/2020
  • Week 45: 02/11/2020 - 06/11/2020
  • ... more will be announced later