Instructor Hugues (content)

"Follow these step-by-step procedures regarding all possible actions to manage your Cerm installation based on our latest and most up to date CermBoxx2.0 environment. Ranging from test databases, test environments, installing fixes and versions to what to do if no counter data are registered."

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction: CermBoxx 2.0 management

    • How to access the Cerm-Engine

  • 2

    Create a test environment to test a newer version

    • Creation of a test database

    • Creation of a test environment

    • Upgrade the CERM software and database to a newer version on the Test PC

    • 3rd party systems

  • 3

    Create a test database of the current version

    • Creation of a test database

    • Renew a test database

  • 4

    Install a new version (NV)

    • (NV) When can I install a new version?

    • (NV) Disconnect all other users on Cerm-Engine

    • (NV) Make a backup

    • (NV) Download other version

    • (NV) Update CermBoxx 2.0

    • (NV) Install CERM version on local clients

    • (NV) Install CERM version on TS

  • 5

    Install the latest fix (LF)

    • (LF) When can I install the latest fix?

    • (LF) Download current version

    • (LF) Update CermBoxx 2.0

    • (LF) Install fix on local clients

    • (LF) Install fix on TS

  • 6

    Not receiving counter data?

    • Not receiving counter data?

  • 7


    • Feedback form CermBoxx 2.0 management